Santa Fe, June 2022

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Dear fellow jewelry lover:


These exciting times of change, challenge, and renewal have ushered in new chapters for so many — and that momentum has brought us here at Charlotte ES1876 yet another promising reboot. After 22 years of occupying our delightful space perched on the historic downtown plaza, we‘ll vacate at the end of June. We will be moving our store to an exciting (but still unknown to us) new location in Santa Fe!


We know that what lies ahead will be more special than ever, with even more room to play and celebrate together! Of course, we‘ll be available via our website, phone, and email during the gap between our physical homes, so your customer-care and shopping experiences with us won‘t be affected by our brief „pause“ at all.


As soon as we have the details of our next location finalized, we‘ll send you a happy update immediately — so please check your inbox for the latest developments! We‘ll also keep you informed via email, Facebook, and Instagram about our latest collections and upcoming online events: Let the good times in a fabulous new spot begin!


With warmest wishes,




Sarah J Worden, GIA AJP/GD/GP

General Manager