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14mm Rose Gold FILIGRANO Centerpiece

14mm Rose Gold FILIGRANO Centerpiece

SKU: 00149632

Since the start of the nineteenth century, engineers, mathematicians, and architects have been fascinated by the concept of a gears-and-wheels-based mechanical device for producing elaborate spiral drawings — made up of perfectly regular curves called roulettes — with seemingly endless pattern variations. Working in Vienna in the mid-1800s, English architect-engineer Peter Hubert Desvignes constructed a version of such a machine to help prevent bank note forgeries. In subsequent decades, various devices for drawing curves were developed, eventually leading up to the iconic 1960s Spirograph toy adored worldwide for generations. Our Filigrano discs and centerpieces evoke the playfulness and creativity of this cherished childhood memory.



FILIGRANO centerpiece 18k rose gold 14mm with 1 diamond 0.03ct H-s, loop outotalard, neck 1mm, Cha21


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