In tranquil shades of pink, green, and blue that evoke woodland wildflowers and streams, our Droplet centers could be a forest fairy’s cup for collecting the dew


DROPLET centerpiece sterling silver with pink enamel 12mm, neck 1mm, Cha21

Pink Droplet Centerpiece

SKU: 00139865
  • This unique piece of jewelry is finished by hand with enamel, a material that gets its name from an old French word meaning “molten glass.” The glass powder is carefully applied, then fired at high temperatures to create a lustrous and colorful finish.

    Although fire enamel is lightfast and heat-resistant, like all glass it's also sensitive to knocks and pressure. Do bear in mind that cosmetics and household cleaners can compromise your treasured enamel jewelry, so treat it gently, whether it's in use or in storage.

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