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Princess Rhodolite PAPYRUS Disc

Princess Rhodolite PAPYRUS Disc

SKU: 00150943

Our new Papyrus collection finds its source in the timeless grace and beauty of those riverbank reeds that shimmer brilliantly in the bright noonday sun — the same gently waving grasses that must have enchanted Cleopatra herself as she floated down the Nile on her royal barge. Reminiscent of the region's palm trees, this elegant little plant is crowned with green umbrellas of feathery filaments, its stems providing the ancient Egyptians with the pulp to make their parchment, prized to this day for the precious hieroglyphics it still preserves.



PAPYRUS disc 18k rose gold square 23 x 23mm with 8 rhodolite princess-cut 4x4mm, ChaC-M

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