Sleeping beauty turquoise is one of the most popular sought after opaque stones in the world — blue to light blue turquoise with little to no matrix — and is mined outside of Globe, Arizona. This stone plays a relevant role in the history of turquoise and is the preferred stone of the Zuni tribe lapidaries. 



Ready to set SANTA FE centerpiece sterling silver with Sleeping Beauty turquoise- robins egg blue 30x17mm - 25.0ct, 0mm, 1mm, or 2mm neck, Cha21


*Price on request for setting in 750/- gold

SANTA FE Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 25.0ct

  • Each piece of turquoise is one-of-a-kind and is sold on a first-come basis. All turquoise offered is natural and untreated. Delivery time for a custom set piece is approximately 14 days.

    Little to no photo editing has been done to the turquoise images to best represent their most authentic nature. Please contact us for additional photos.