Persian Turquoise comes from several mines in modern-day Iran — a highly coveted stone in the middle east for centuries. The story goes that Empress Maire Louise replaced the 79 emeralds from the crown Neopeleon gifted her for Persian turquoise cabochons.


Persian Turquoise stones with webbing and matrix are classified as "Barkhaneh," while their matrix-free robins' egg blue is the most highly prized


Our collection of nugget centerpieces are unique little gems — rough tumbled and then polished to an incredible shine by a local lapidary exclusively for us. The turquoise is natural and untreated, and you'll find that this gem-quality turquoise is much harder, making it less delicate and more wearable.



SANTA FE centerpiece Persian turquoise nugget 30.0ct, neck 1mm, Cha21

SANTA FE Persian Turquoise Nugget Centerpiece

  • Each piece of turquoise is one-of-a-kind and is sold on a first-come basis. All turquoise offered is natural and untreated. Delivery time for a custom set piece is approximately 14 days.

    Little to no photo editing has been done to the turquoise images to best represent their most authentic nature. Please contact us for additional photos.

  • Additional items shown reflect jewelry combination possibilities and are NOT included unless otherwise stated.

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