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The Ehinger Schwarz Story


For almost a century and a half, our Ulm, Germany-based company has been making inventive and inspired handcrafted jewelry for the most discerning customers and collectors worldwide. It all began in 1876, in the goldsmithing studios of Otto Ehinger, where the jeweler’s young company quickly earned its reputation as a superior producer of fine, artful, and original jewelry. 


In more recent times — over the past 25 years, that is — Wolf-Peter Schwarz, Ehinger’s great-grandson, further distinguished his family’s company by developing the innovative Charlotte concept, a unique locking technology that lets customers create their own jewelry by choosing from seemingly endless combinations of pieces. This new ability to place components in complex and different designs was a major fashion-forward moment in the world of retail jewelry, and, at Ehinger Schwarz, we continue to distinguish ourselves from other brands by way of our inventiveness and because of our incomparable customer service. 


These days, our company, now under the leadership of the Weiss family and chief designer Timo Kuchler, continues to produce our timeless collections, adding new ones along the way. And we’re eager to usher in a new era of producing jewelry that adheres to the Ehinger Schwarz traditions of beautiful workmanship, unique designs, and high-quality materials as we forge ahead to make our own memorable mark in the world of desirable jewelry.

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