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Gold to GOLD

Your old jewelry is worth its weight in Gold!


Highly prized since ancient times for its radiant appearance so often associated with the life-giving warmth of the sun, gold is also durable, versatile, and — most significantly — reusable. We all know that metal mining damages our environment in many ways and that recycling our natural resources is the only way to alleviate this impact on our planet.


At Charlotte ES1876, we've always prioritized working our gold jewelry with recycled metal — often purchasing (for merchandise credit with us) this precious material from our customers' treasure boxes. And they're often amazed by the value their ready-for-retirement items contribute toward delightful new pieces from our collections (including many options for custom-made designs).


When you bring or send your gold jewelry to us, we'll provide a no-obligation assessment with no fees deducted at that day's current gold spot rate. Discover the buy-back value you already have hiding in plain sight — and help create a greener earth at the same time!

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