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Blue Topaz PIAZZA GRANDIOSA Earrings

Blue Topaz PIAZZA GRANDIOSA Earrings

SKU: 00153917

Surrounded by their famously magnificent buildings and endowed with welcoming fountains and cafes, the open squares of Italy's storied towns and cities have for centuries been where locals and visitors alike gather to relax and socialize. Our Piazza collection is inspired by the resplendent rays of the descending sun, by the elegance of the evening diners and revelers as they come together late in the day to bestow an added aura of glamour to this setting. We've enveloped luminous gemstone centerpieces in glittering discs of diamonds to echo this fortuitous convergence.



PIAZZA GRANDIOSA pair of earpins with clips 18k white gold with blue topaz cabochons 14x14mm and 72 diamonds tw 0.82ct Hsi  

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