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Ceramic TOUCH Ring in Graphite

Ceramic TOUCH Ring in Graphite

High-tech ceramic, a wonderful material, is smooth on the skin, light in weight, lustrous to the eye — and, yes, it's surprisingly sturdy. The new «Touch» ceramic ring features a sleek tapered shape. Thoroughly modern in Graphite.



TOUCH ring ceramic color graphite with Tahitian mother-of-pearl cylinder, Cha21


* Compatible with Charlotte21 (Cha21) centerpieces

  • While high-tech ceramic jewelry is quite durable, just a few basic maintenance practices will keep it in excellent condition. To clean, wipe the ceramic parts with a damp cloth, then dry with a lint-free one. Though very strong and scratch-resistant, titanium carbide can chip, so it's best to give each piece of ceramic jewelry its own slot or space in your jewelry box. Jewelry made of high-tech ceramic is a fabulous investment; ours carries a lifetime warranty.

  • Additional items shown reflect jewelry combination possibilities and are NOT included unless otherwise stated.

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